Luke Malewicz


"Creative, witty and absolutely dedicated...... Luke Malewicz continues at the forefront of today's emerging jazz trombonists."

Luis Bonilla, Vanguard Jazz Orchestra


Luke Malewicz is available for private lessons by appointment at his home in Bridgeview, IL as well as online via Skype.  The lessons are intended to help each individual student reach their goals and unlock their full potential.  

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I heard to Luke playing in some videos and liked to much the way he plays and the articulation he uses, because it was the kind of articulation what I was looking for, so I decided to take a class with him. He help me a lot to understanding and how to change and improve my articulation on trombone to another more modern concept of trombone articulation using a lot the air to connect phrases, and gaining speed on my single tonguing by using smoother tongue with a strong air connection, taking advantages of the trombone tricks.
— Bruno Valle Yáñez, (Musikene Academy, Donostia-San Sebastián)
Through Luke’s teaching, I was able to grow my range, build my musical knowledge and enhance my confidence playing my instrument; now, playing my instrument has gone from a chore, to the best part of my day
— Raymond Duncan, Marching Illini