Luke Malewicz


"Creative, witty and absolutely dedicated...... Luke Malewicz continues at the forefront of today's emerging jazz trombonists."

Luis Bonilla, Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

Heritage Quartet

One of Chicago's most in demand trombonists, Luke Malewicz brings his trademark fire to the masses with his breakthrough group, Heritage Quartet. Featuring a who's-who of Chicago's finest — trumpeter Chad McCullough, bassist Patrick Mulcahy, and Jon Deitemyer on drums — the quartet leads the listener on a journey of original compositions, as well as arrangements of traditional Polish folk songs. Live, this dynamic ensemble showcases an engaging interplay, building off of years of working together in various combinations. It's here that Malewicz shines, not only showing his effectiveness as a leader, but also his virtuosity, causing trombone legend Luis Bonilla to exclaim, "he not only continues to display a total respect for tradition, but frankly, I’m absolutely blown away by his unabashed reach for the future."

Luke Malewicz is an important young trombonist, composer and bandleader who has emerged as a prominent voice on today’s jazz scene. His recent Heritage Quartet project presents a refreshing and thoughtful take on European-influenced jazz and Malewicz’s own creative adaptations of Polish folk music. There’s a lot for the listener to enjoy here: profound yet simple melodic structures; sparse, modern arrangements that engage and challenge the quartet; and far-ranging, highly advanced solo improvisations.
— Downbeat Magazine


Luke Malewicz - Trombone

Chad McCullough - Trumpet

Patrick Mulcahy - Bass

Jon Deitemyer - Drums


38th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival

A strong introspective personality and a defined sense of vision radiates throughout Luke’s sparse new quartet. Removing the chordal element in any ensemble is risky business, yet Malewicz weaves these traditional Eastern Block melodies in a way that allows the music to flow around the quartet’s jazz sensibilities with ease.


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